Dr Selina Marsh
Dr Selina Marsh

Pasifika Mat

The "Pasifika Mat" Workshops

Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh leads the Pasifika Mat Series, and is the first person of Pacific descent to graduate with a PhD in English from the University of Auckland, where she now lectures in Maori and Pacific literary studies.

"I see the Pasifika Mat as weaving strands together from the inward leadership journey, providing the base into which vibrant, innovative, unique leadership dreams and visions are woven."

Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh

Pasifika Mat Facilitator

These highly interactive workshops will provide stimulating deeper leadership insights and more powerful leadership actions. The workshops not only provide innovative opportunities to learn, they also create a safe environment in which to discuss, discover, describe, and practice new ways of leading.

The Pasifika themes for the workshops covered in this unique strand of
The Leadership Programme are:

  • Woven Histories: New Zealand’s Pasifika Legacy
  • Pasifika Strategies for Empowerment: The Personal is Political
  • Pasifika Leadership Toolbox: 5 Senses
  • Pasifika Leadership Hall of Fame: From Mythic to Contemporary
  • Talanoa: Pasifika Leaders in Deep Conversation
  • Cultivating a Critical Eye: Cultural Authenticity
  • Strike a Chord: Speaking Truth to Power
  • Creative Leadership: The Power of the Pen
  • The Power of the Metaphor: Leading with Your Greatest Untapped Source
  • Envisioning Dreams, Planning Lives: The ‘We’ and the ‘I’
  • Thriving in Your Dis/Comfort Zone
  • Positive Psychology At Work: First Happiness, then Success
  • Elemental Leadership: Inward Journeys, Outward Explorations