Sandra Kailahi

BEST Leadership Academy

The Vision

The vision of the Academy and Charitable Foundation is to lift Pasifika incomes and living standards by increasing the number of Pasifika people starting and leading New Zealand businesses and organisations.

Therefore the work of the Academy is to build a large and sustainable pipeline of Pasifika leadership throughout New Zealand's public, private and non for profit organisations.

Why is it so vital?

  • Skilled and confident Pasifika Leaders in workforces will make a real impact in Auckland and New Zealand's economic and social life.
  • Auckland is the largest Pacific city in the world. Over 120,000 Pasifika people live within it. Close to 70% all Pasifika New Zealanders live in Auckland now and comprise 18% of the city's population.
  • Additionally, our Pasifika community is very youthful, is the fastest growing sector demographically, and is expected to increase significantly by 2026.
  • Therefore it is vital to both Auckland and New Zealand that we build skilled Pasifika workforces and that Pasifika men and women are enabled to make their full contribution to economy and society by holding roles of responsibility and decision making within it.

How it will work?

The Academy is committed to establishing scholarships for emergent Pasifika leaders to undertake this breakthrough leadership programme with the support of New Zealand's business and community leaders and diversity-focused corporates.