At the BEST Pasifika Leadership Foundation we understand the unique opportunities and challenges that face Pasifika people. Our vision is to develop leadership and raise the profile and status of Pasifika people as leaders within Aotearoa, New Zealand and around the world. As a not-for profit organisation and charitable trust, the Foundation aims to:

  • improve social and economic outcomes for Pasifika people;
  • develop future Pasifika leaders particularly in the business sector through leadership programmes and mentorship;
  • achieve more Pasifika representation in business governance and management;
  • advocate ethnic diversity as a rich source of cultural capital and driver of economic growth; and
  • generate ideas, public discussion and solutions to address opportunities and challenges facing Pasifika.


The Foundation assists Pasifika communities through four key initiatives:

  • Leadership Programmes
    Providing leadership experiences through training in partnership with Pasifi ka-focused leadership programmes.
  • Mentorship
    Facilitating career guidance and professional support through aligning business mentors and Pasifika mentees.
  • Diversity Planning
    Advising companies on the potential of their Pasifika workforce and expanding their Pasifika consumer base.
  • Think Tank
    Informing debate and decision-making on economic, political and socio-cultural issues affecting the future of Pasifika communities through research and discourse.