Malia Apikotoa
Malia Apikotoa
Northern Sales Manager
State Insurance
Alumni 2011

Who would this Programme suit?

This programme is for people who are in mid-career and provides the breakthrough opportunity to progress to the next level. It is a senior leadership programme with ambitious goals and its success rests on the quality and commitment of the participants.

You will be a successful participant in this Programme if you:

  • Are prepared to actively contribute to the development process.
  • Have a strong openness and willingness to learn.
  • Are committed to experimenting and applying the lessons learnt in your organisation, life and communities.
  • Are ready to commit your time and energy to all aspects of the development process.

You are an ideal candidate for this Programme if you:

  • Aspire to roles with responsibility and decision making.
  • You are a high caliber performer recognised both by your organisation and externally as a high potential
  • individual and role model..
  • Are strongly motivated to move to the next level in your career.
  • Can demonstrate that you are actively giving back to your community.
  • Are committed to transformational change that lasts a lifetime.

We all know the difference Leadership can make and its importance to organisations, families, communities and our country.

At the BEST Leadership Academy we are committed to developing Pasifika Leaders across all sectors of New Zealand's commercial life and society, in order to effect positive change and promote outstanding performance.

For those who are serious about developing and extending their leadership this Leadership Programme is a unique, unparalleled opportunity.